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Walk On Stay Strong

Raimondi College 55th Anniversary Theme Song

Music By Marco Tang

Lyrics By Marco Tang & Gladys Ho


Come walk with me

After all these years

Look at where we’ve been

We learnt its us we should hold dear


Believe what I see

We gather like a giant tree

We’ll grow up tall

And we will never fall


Go clear up your eyes

You know I’m always by your side

There’s no need to cry

You know you always be my pride

Life is like the climb,

I’ll help you conquer fear to fly

Take me by my hand and we will be fine, I’m sure we’ll be fine


We walk hand in hand

And shoulder to shoulder

We’ll shine like the star lights and we’ll light up the world

We’ll run through the storms

And break down the boulders

We will build our strength and we can own the world

Though we will chase for different stars

Our amity will stay strong from afar

We will keep Raimondi in our hearts / and we are Raimondi from the start

Look to the sky

See the clouds fly by

Breathe out every sigh

Knowing this brand new day is mine


Let’s Walk down the path

Courage will come to heart at last

Fear won’t be gone

But walk on and stay strong


We jest and we hurt and we slay for our goals, made some,

lost some old friends

Been trapped and been tossed and been broken for good

Strong till the end

We fight we attack to protect what is worth, always for you my friends

Forgive and forget for together we will



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